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Terms of usage
All smilies on schildersmilies.de are the property of and provided courtesy of Long Tom and dooya. You may only use them for your personal and individual use. Because this offer should not be abused, there are some basic rules that should be followed in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
These rules are mainly directed towards webmasters who want to host our complete smiley collection on their sites. Users who only want to post a few smilies on a message board entry are unlikely to do anything wrong.


Our smilies may be used for entries in message boards and guestbooks. You may also use them as avatars or in your electronic signatures. Moreover, you may use them as a graphical accessory on your homepage (i.e. in news entries).


Webmasters and administrators who want to host our smilies in their own smiley collection (or alike) should store them on their own server to limit the traffic for schildersmilies.de. Therefore it is not mandatory to ask for permission, but we would very much appreciate it if you let us know that you are going to host our smilies, as we are very interested how they will circulate on the internet.If desired, we would be glad to send you a collection of our smilies in a ZIP file.


Sometimes the extensive usage of smilies in private homepages or guestbooks can cause a lot of traffic for schildersmilies.de (e.g. see the small collection offered by our guestbook). In these cases, we would like to ask you to store these smilies on your own webspace.


We, dooya and LongTom, would very much appreciate it if everyone who hosts larger collections of our smilies acknowledges our copyright by placing a link to our site. Banners can be found here at the Banners - secton.

Thanks for your cooperation!
dooya & Long Tom

Special thanks to Angie for helping us with the translation!